ASM Clermont : Lee et Moala titulaires, Penaud sur le banc, à Toulon

ASM Clermont: Lee and Moala carriers, Penaud on the bench, in Toulon

With the final qualifying race approaching, and now every point counts, ASM Clermont will play an important match on Saturday (3pm) in Mayol against RC Toulon, who has regained a positive dynamic. In this delicate journey, Juno Gibbs takes back the critical players.

Ojovan holder

On the front line, Falgoux and Fourcade continue their match streak. On the right, Soleimani passes on the bench while Ojovan starts the match. As for the alternatives, he preferred Beria to Pepe Bezio. Beheregaray still recovering, Boudou continues his learning on the bench.

ASM Claremont: Nathan Hughes won’t come

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Lavanini hit the neck (neck pain) and is hopeful for a Brave match in eight days. Thibaud Lanin will start alongside Vahamahaina and Jedrasiak who will replace him on the bench.

Absent for two months (the calf), Fritz Lee returns to number 8. As a result, Dessen was left to rest. Fisher and Etoria complete the third row with Cancourt on the bench. Van Tonder is still not working (concussion).

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Good bar to serve

Despite a broken nose and minor sprain treated for two weeks, Bara will hold her place very well in Scrum. It will be in partnership with Lopez. The Viallard – Hanrahan duo will be an alternative.

excellent Medical Joker: ASM Clermont begs the question

Naqalevu on the wing for the rest of the season, Clermont’s side can again count on Moala, who received the medical go-ahead after suffering a concussion going back five weeks. The New Zealander will be linked to the center in Barrack.

Shy, back on the seat

No change in the rear triangle, with Tibergyan and Raka on the flanks and Matsushima in the back. After his victorious arc with the Blues, Penaud has resumed his season with his club. The international winger will start on Saturday in Mayol on the bench.

Christophe Boron

ASM Claremont

From the fifteenth: Matsushima. Raka, Mwala, Barak, Tibergin; (o) Lopez, (m) Para; Fisher, Lee, Etoria (cover); Vahaamahina, Th. Lanen; Oguvan, Fourcade, Valgo.
Alternatives: Bodo, Beria, Jedrasiak, Kankurit, Viallard, Hanrahan, Benod, Soleimani.

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