The documents reveal that Apple has a lot to lose by bringing an iMessage to Android

The documents reveal that Apple has a lot to lose by bringing an iMessage to Android

A large part of Apple’s strength lies in its highly efficient, closed ecosystem. In fact, the Cupertino company has a knack for enticing customers with an attractive service or product and then offering a full range of indoor applications. Interoperability often does the rest. This is also the reason why fans of the Apple brand find it difficult to highlight themselves with different materials. The iMessage app, which will soon be celebrating its 10th anniversary, is an integral part of this philosophy. It’s also not uncommon to hear people on iOS regret its absence on Android.

newly Legal case between Apple and Epic Once again highlighting this monopoly process. But this time Fortnite developers have provided some clues.

Deliberate choice

In fact, Epic wanted to prove in court that Apple has been consistently blocking customers in its ecosystem. To do this, Epic did not hesitate to cite the words of Eddy Cue and Craig Federighi, two important directors of the company, who specialize in software development. As early as 2013, emails from Cue tell us that Apple was fully capable of spawning an Android version of iMessage.

For his part, Federighi thought iMessage on Android would only remove an obstacle for parents on iOS, who can. “Giving Android Phones to Their Kids”. Phil Schiller, Apple’s vice president of marketing, in 2016 said that “IMessage on Android would do us more harm than good”. Data that isn’t really surprising, but has the advantage of confirming how well this exclusive data is preserved at any cost. However, it would be difficult for Epic to win its case with just these kinds of arguments. We imagine Apple’s attorneys will argue that these are purely business decisions, related to apps that are entirely their own.
Business is business.

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