Information on the display, map, vehicles and modes from the diversion -

Information on the display, map, vehicles and modes from the diversion –

Battlefield 6 It may have been revealed more even before the official announcement, although it remains vague information about the alleged Show trailer Hence one Map, Vehicles, and Patterns I mentioned before The dropout Tom Henderson, specialist in the main FPS series on the market, most notably Battlefield and Call of Duty.

In short, it is about Rumors But the source has proven in the past to be quite reliable, so we reported these details, although somewhat vague. The Battlefield 6 presentation will reportedly focus on a map set toDesert island, Which will be shocked by a giant TornadoAs well as being the scene of a missile launch.

This confirms the fact that the game’s maps can be disrupted by natural disasters, something that has already appeared with the first leaks in the past few months when it comes to the dynamic destruction of huge scenarios. The map in question also appears to be intended to be contained 128 players, So there is likely to be a 64v64 game mode.

Introducing different vehicles e Planes, of between it Osprey, Or convertibles already in place, which may also be present in large quantities: we are talking about 6-8 aircraft flying simultaneously on the map. In the tweet below, you can see a reinterpretation of Henderson’s drawing of what he had the opportunity to see in relation to the Battlefield 6 presentation trailer.

There is still no official announcement regarding the new chapter of the DICE series and electronic arts, but according to Jeff Group, the presentation should take place in May, or next month.

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