Microsoft Teams is receiving these new features on Android

Microsoft Teams is receiving these new features on Android

Microsoft just announced a series of improvements for its Teams rooms on Android. Celles-ci comprennent notamment un calendrier mis à jour, des améliorations inspirées de Windows pour la console tactile Android et la possibilité de flouter les arrière-plans pour les utilisateurs se joignant à partir d’un compte personnel, annonce Microsoft dans un nouveau billet de The Blog.

It’s hard to keep up with updates to Teams functionality on Windows, iOS, and Android, as well as many integrations with Office 365 apps like PowerPoint. Microsoft is promising a more “powerful” calendar experience with Teams Rooms on Android that allows users to view the current meeting while also rewarding new future meetings.

Android device users should be familiar with trying the new touch screen remote control no longer pretending to be a physical remote control. It aligns the Android app with Teams Rooms’ behavior on Windows 10, but its availability depends on Android tablet or TV manufacturer’s support.

Blurred background

The app now displays the most important meeting and calling features as well as current and upcoming meetings. Users don’t actually need the touch screen because it’s optional and Teams Rooms on Android still works without it. “However, once the touch console is paired, the front controls will be hidden in the room and device operation will be available from the touch controller,” Microsoft notes.

The blurry background, which helps improve meeting privacy, has been around for a year and is now available to people who signed in with Teams Rooms on their personal Android account. Additionally, Microsoft has added the ability to start and stop recordings from Microsoft Teams rooms on Android. This function can be found on the “Start Recording” button in the Parts menu (…).

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Android users should now notice that they can start a whiteboard session directly from their device from the new Share Whiteboard button in the same menu.

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