What appears if you win

What appears if you win

In recent days, new virtual tickets have been linked to Lottery receipt. I Winning tickets, Unambiguously linked to a tax code thanks to the Lottery Law Registration, will now allow you to validate the winnings and then notify the homeowner (via registered mail or PEC) of the extraction. However, anyone can Check that you won By your own access Reserved area On the lottery portal, or at least that’s always connected. Until you win, it is not clear what to look for on the gate or where to mark victory.

Notice of receipt of lottery winners

To make it known right now on the Facebook page of Lottery receipt, Which showed a notification demo accompanying the entrance to the designated area for extracted receipts holders:

So the page displays a prominent notification, without having to search for anything: Access to the reserved area is sufficient. The notice provides useful information for you to collect the insurance premium, but remember at the same time thatManagement will initiate the necessary legal checks to verify the statutory requirements for reporting gainsIt is necessary to verify, for example, that payment was made using an authorized instrument, or that the purchased product was not returned.

If everything is regular then all that remains is to collect your winnings. At the moment, 20 tokens have withdrawn, but it is not yet known whether or not everyone has withdrawn their winnings. In the event that the winnings cannot be withdrawn for some reason, the relative prize money will return to the state coffers.

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