Fortnite, Neymar Happened to Us: History already exists

Less and less is missing at the start of the Fortnite event dedicated to PSG superstar Neymar. Here is the official history

Fortnite, then the event dedicated to Neymar will begin (Instagram screenshot)

A few weeks ago, there was growing talk of an arrival Neymar and Fortnite. Battle Royale of Epic Games has entered into another level partnership, which will bring many related news For the Paris Saint-Germain superstar Directly inside the game. The Brazilian phenomenon will be the first true footballer to set foot on the game island, and follow the various shapes assigned to it The world of football in general.

The news has clearly left players speechless, who meanwhile await the arrival of other cool faces in the entertainment world like DwayneJohnson’s “The Rock.” The data miner, who unveiled the start date of the custom event, fed the rumors For the former Santos and Barcelona player.

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Fortnite, when the Neymar custom event begins

Like many other players too Neymar He is an addict to Fortnite. His passion has led to a partnership with Epic Games, thanks to which there will soon be a whole event dedicated to him The Paris Saint-Germain phenomenon. Specifically – you reveal some of the data factors – it will all start Next April 27. According to the Twea expert’s report, the others should arrive with the player’s skin 11 cosmetics To collect each.

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Always according to the developments of the data operator, it looks like the files will be added on horseback Between version 16.20 and 16.30 of the game. Given the timing that Epic Games is releasing updates, it is likely the Neymar event It will last about a month.

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