Video games: a monkey that plays pong with his mind thanks to Neuralink

Video games: a monkey that plays pong with his mind thanks to Neuralink

The businessman had already announced last February that Neuralink scientists have been grappling with primate tests. A 3-minute, 27-second video that Musk shared on Twitter Finally it shows the monkey controlling a computer through its nervous activity. Nine-year-old macaque, which was planted in it My Neuralink device On either side of his brain about six weeks ago, I learned how to use the joystick to move the cursor on the screen In exchange for banana juice given through a straw.

Owns the company’s “Link” devices The neural activity of the Piger was recorded thanks to more than 2000 small strands implanted in the regions of the motor cortex. That coordinate hand and arm movements. Then the data was entered into a file “Decoding Algorithm” to predict Pager’s hand movements in real time. Once the rig was calibrated, the monkey was able to move the pointer freely thanks to its mind, instead of relying on the joystick. The video, in fact, shows The macaque controls a paddle in the Pong card game While the console is disconnected.

The company expects a jump of joy, ever since The technology used is still in its initial stageBut it hopes that its systems will soon allow humans with physical illnesses and paralysis to use their brains to power many auxiliary devices in daily life.

“Through the direct neural interface, we can optimize the bandwidth between the human cortex and the digital third layer of many sizes,” Musk said. “I would say maybe at least a thousand, maybe ten thousand, or more.” The digital layer you refer to can refer to the possibility of interacting through one’s mind with any technological infrastructure, from smartphones to social accounts.

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long-term, Musk argues that Neuralink could allow humans to exchange ideas and concepts using telepathy and being in a “preserved archive” after death. Which can then be implanted into a robot or another human being. Of course, for now it’s all about exploring the science fiction zone, but science seems to teach us that basically anything is possible.

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