The CCGS Amundsen research icebreaker reveals its secrets

The CCGS Amundsen research icebreaker reveals its secrets

The Museum of Civilization hosts the exhibition The Nordic flag comes to the museum Where you can discover the scientific equipment used on board the CCGS research icebreaker amundsen Since its inception in 2003.

This exhibition was held on the occasion of 89And The Acfas conference, in partnership with Université Laval, will allow for the first time to see up close the scientific equipment used on the ship.

CCGS amundsen He has been traveling the Canadian Arctic seas since 2003 studying marine ecosystems and climate change.

“Our understanding of the evolution of the northern ecosystem has accelerated over nearly two decades thanks to the commitment of 125 teams from 25 countries, who have been deployed to theamundsen More than 45 major science programs allowing more than 800 students to study in them. Laval University is proud to collaborate in this collective research effort,” rejoices the Dean of Laval University, Sophie Damour.

exhibition The Nordic flag comes to the museum It is open to the public for free on May 7, 8 and 10, 2022, from 10am to 5pm. It is served in the entrance hall of the institution.

“It is a great honor to host this exhibition linked to our educational mission, especially with young people, for whom the museum should be a place to connect with science,” said Stéphane Laroche, President and CEO of the Museum of Civilization.

on the cutting edge

A collection of the latest scientific equipment will be on display. The focal point of the exhibition is a remote-controlled submarine with clawed arms. The 1,300-kilogram machine can handle samples at a depth of 1,500 meters and house them in compartments to bring them to the surface.

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In addition, Marcel Papin, global expert in marine optics and remote sensing, also holder of the Canadian Research Excellence Chair in Remote Sensing of the Canadian New Polar Frontier and Director of the International Research Laboratory Takovic (Laval University and National Center for Scientific Research) will present. Free public lecture Ice pack in all its formsMay 10 in the evening.

There are no more tickets available to attend the on-site conference, but it will be broadcast Live.

Several other activities of the Acfas 89th Congress Programme, which is being organized in collaboration with Université Laval, are planned from May 9 to 13. The full offer is available on the Acfas website.

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