GPS can detect tidal waves from space soon

GPS can help detect a tsunami. According to a team of researchers, it is possible to use the GPS network to detect the first signs of a disaster from space. explanations.

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According to a study conducted by University College London and several Japanese universities, GPS network (global positioning system) Capable of detecting tidal waves. The satellites that make up the GPS network are located in space and are able to identify the seismic waves that cause massive tsunamis.

As the researchers point out, a tsunami is usually caused by an earthquake, volcanic eruption, or landslide in watery terrain. In any case, these events generate seismic waves. The study claims that satellites can be used seismic wave spotThus, a tsunami is expected.

How can GPS satellites save lives in the event of a tsunami?

“The first waves of a tsunami cause disturbance in Earth’s upper atmosphere by pushing air and creating a sound wave that amplifies as it rises”, explains the press release published by the British University. Based on this hypothesis, scientists developed A tool capable of interpreting waves Once it interferes with GPS signals.

According to the researchers, this technology makes it possible to alert the population in advance with an advance time. By running simulations based on past disasters, they discovered that using the GPS network showed More reliable, accurate and faster from the current systems.

Currently, tsunamis are determined by measuring seismic activity. The results of these devices are approximate. They only warn of the possibility of a tsunami in the near future. By exploiting part of the network’s GPS and satellites, it is theoretically possible to do so Predict a tsunami within 15 minutes After the appearance of the first seismic waves. The method can also be used to predict the second or third wave of disaster.

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“Better warning can save lives and limit widespread devastation, allowing people to rise and move away from the sea”, says Professor Serge Gillas, who is responsible for the study. The researcher confirms that “Current tsunami warning systems are not as effective as they should be because they often cannot accurately predict wave height”.

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