Samantha Cristoforetti creates the first TikTok from space aboard the International Space Station

Samantha Cristoforetti creates the first TikTok from space aboard the International Space Station

Space – It’s a little TikTok for man, a giant TikTok for humanity. Italian astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti, who joined the International Space Station on April 28, has published the first tik tok in history made from space As you can see in the video above the article.

Samantha Cristoforetti was part of the Crew-4 flight along with Americans Kjell Lindgren, Robert Hines and Jessica Watkins, nicknamed “Watty” for the mission. Minerva. The flight brought astronauts to the International Space Station using SpaceX’s Crew Dragon spacecraft. TikTok posted on Thursday, May 5, and thus tracks his arrival as well as his early days inside the station.

She introduces herself as the “astronaut’s girlfriend who takes you to the final frontier” aboard the space station. The Milanese-born started TikTok with “Back to the International Space Station!” She had already carried out the first mission there called Futura In 2014. The Italian looks back on her last steps on Earth before she flies away.

“The night of takeoff was amazing,” she says in the video. “A final emotional goodbye to our families, then a short car ride with Watty listening to our playlist to finally head out into the night sky,” she continues.

Her video follows by narrating the moment the astronauts crossed the point of weightlessness. This follows the details of the first moments on the International Space Station, in particular the delivery with Crew-3 astronauts. “We try to make the most of this short period by trying to listen and learn all the tips and tricks before we leave,” she explains.

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The 45-year-old astronaut wraps up his TikTok by inviting followers to ask him questions about life aboard the station, before leaving us with a stunning shot of Earth taken from the dome, the International Space Station’s observational dome.

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