"The Azuri, the Hakka on the field is not scary... Competition is forbidden even if..."

“The Azuri, the Hakka on the field is not scary… Competition is forbidden even if…”

curtain. Today at 2pm Italy Rugby opens its Test season. The All Blacks arrive from New Zealand at Olympico, an opponent Mirco Bergamasco knew so well in his past in the blue. It also robs them of the caprice of scoring a goal, on top of good workmanship, in the 2007 World Cup.

All Blacks, Hakka: Strong Feelings.

“We challenge the rugby icon, the number one team in the world, who has completed a generational change by building fifteen full of quality and talent. The Hakka, from the field, is less shocking than it seems: the concentration in those moments is very high, you look at it with respect but you cannot let yourself be distracted from the game plan.”

What can we expect from Italy?

“We are facing a forbidden match, even if it is always legitimate to hope for miracles. In addition, our national team has a new coach and has not played since March, unlike New Zealand who recently crushed Wales. Away from the outcome, we will have to look at how our team will be on the field, and how they will react in a test of this magnitude.”

A two-year cycle begins, towards the World Cup.

“We will have the first answers already from the upcoming matches. Obviously we cannot hope to win the World Cup in 2023, but the players must dream of going to the World Cup to qualify for the quarter-finals, a feat that will be historic. Off the field, on the other hand, we have to take a cue from France: he has worked with the youth since the U-15s with the goal of winning the World Cup at home, he struggled for four years but is now reaping the rewards and can boast of a high-level movement, from the youth to the national team. Larger “.

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Maybe listen to the advice of some ex.

“There are still very few in the union. But let’s give the new president time to plan, even here in the long run because there is so much more to build.”

Blues music abroad: added value?

“Competing at a high level and getting used to winning with the club is a good way to build the right mentality in the national team. In Italy, we have two federal franchises (Treviso and Zebre, editor) that play at the highest levels, and if more players can live important experiences abroad, at the cultural level and compared to the new playing styles, the new styles can be spaces that allow young people to emerge, grow and improve.”

Not forgetting the indigenous people.

“On this front, it is important to focus not on the scraps of other countries, but on the outstanding players who see the blue jersey as an access point and a reason to be proud. With vaccination of this kind, we can raise the level of competitiveness.”

After Retirement, Your Coaching Career: How’s It Going?

“I am waiting for the right opportunity, and I am training properly in the area of ​​preparation and mental management of athletes, which is an increasingly important area. They are under construction, and I am considering future options.”

A bit like going vegan.

“Philosophy, not food choice. I have found many benefits, like many other high-profile athletes who have gone down this path. And well-being is not only physical, but mental as well, thanks to the awareness to contribute to the future of the planet.”

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TV: 2:00 p.m. Sky Sport Uno and Tv8

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