Extreme E, McLaren announces 2022 Emma Gilmore and introduces new car

Extreme E, McLaren announces 2022 Emma Gilmore and introduces new car

New Zealander Emma Gilmore, 42, will lead McLaren with American Tanner Foust: she is the first woman to lead the team in 60 years of history

New Zealander Emma Gilmore will drive a McLaren in Extreme E alongside American Tanner Foust. This was announced by the British team that presented the new electric SUV for the 2022 tournament, in the presence of Prince Charles of England. The 42-year-old, who will be behind the wheel of McLaren’s Extreme E debut, has become the first woman to race for the British team in nearly 60 years of history.

Who is Gilmore?

Three-time national rally runner-up Zak Brown, president of McLaren Racing, which also operates a team in Indycar, praised it as honoring “New Zealand, the land where founder Bruce McLaren came from”. With McLaren, another piece of Formula 1 has been added to the world of Extreme E, the championship designed by Alejandro Agag, former sponsor of the Formula E World Championship and the E1 Series, the next championship for electric motorboats: In Extreme E there is already the next championship The teams of Lewis Hamilton, Nico Rosberg and Jenson Button All of them are world champions in Formula One.

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