Italy – All Blacks 0-0 until 29 minutes. Then New Zealand fled. But the glass is half full

0-0 against New Zealand until 29 minutes. Then it was another race, For Heaven’s sake, but the rest – at this point in the journey, against these opponents – is relatively interesting. The glass is half full, let’s start from here. Not because a half-miracle has happened, nor because there is a perception that the result could be different from the one achieved. Italy was a militant and a government. Courage and endurance. Defense and restart. That all this was not enough, then, a different kettle of fish. to me all black He didn’t even tickle himself, the result screaming loudly. 9-47.

38 waste points, Great Italy until middle hours

However, the new blue designer course Kieran Crowley It has an added value with which to start over with great optimism: 30 minutes of the great Italy, which stood up to the champions, who came from a distance and were capable, and then legitimized victory very easily. Of course, the All Blacks speed up and change everything: they decide how and when to go to win. The confrontation is unequal, as always, who will also be the opponents of Italy in the World Cup role in France 2023, trimmed the Azzurri 38 points. There are plenty of them, and it’s also a faithful account of the pressure becoming uncontrollable through the minutes but it doesn’t tell us fully about Italrugby’s progress. The first attempt by Kristi, daughter of the All Blacks pressing forward on a 5m blue scrum was: An obvious mistake from Italy, but Captain Michel Lamaro and his comrades, before this fatal mistake, stood up to the blacks, not being able to exploit their mistakes. The last part of the first half and the second part of the match were a different story: Someone rocked Dane Coles (man of the match), who set my goals calm; When the high-speed caravan departed, and inland there were the destinations of Reis, Omua, Sototo, and Omoa again, At this point the carriage reached its destination. On time, no other surprises, no jolt. Side of Italy: Excellent Grpsey On set pieces, he has three months on the scoring sheet, all the Azzurri points. The final thunderous applause at the Olympic Stadium was a logical conclusion: Italy was a struggle and a government. Courage and endurance. Defense and restart.

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Crowley is satisfied with what he has seen

Italy is keen enough that the glass is half full. The blue coach, Crowley, said he was satisfied:

I saw a good spirit: we passed 190 interventions, and New Zealand only 78. For me, this is a very good thing. In the second half they put us under pressure, with 15-16 stages in defence. Does the result matter? I am very concerned with performance, and if there is, the result will be the end product.

Now we start again from Treviso match on Saturday 13th November against Argentina


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