“Defense is our starting point” - OA Sport

“Defense is our starting point” – OA Sport

The First Test Matches of the 2021 Autumn Nations SeriesInternational rugby calendar for the month of November, witnessed today Italy lost 9-47 to New Zealand. talk to me Federal site The Captain of the Blues, Michelle Lamaro.

for him today First appearance as captain: “In the end, they took advantage of our physical decline, using their deep feet to put all the pressure on us when we gave it our all. For the future, we must learn to better adapt to these situations, and grow as individuals and as groups“.

The Match story: “The first few minutes were allotted to hear the match, and choosing to insist on a throw-in made sense to keep the pressure on them at the point where they were struggling the most. It was a shared choice with Paolo Garbesi, and even if we didn’t manage these situations in the best possible way, it was still the right choice.“.

look at me The near future for Amaro: “At the end of the first half we were satisfied with the way we were holding on in defence, we wanted to keep that streak and in fact we kept keeping our defensive rhythms very high in the comeback. We are at the beginning of a new cycle, a new coach, a new leader, a new game: today’s test clearly shows that defense is our starting point, in the next few days we will carefully analyze what has worked less, to be ready. With Pumas next Saturday“.

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Photo: LiveMedia / Luigi Mariani

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