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Historic moment last night in Mallorca with the absolute debut of the UCI Track Champions League. An amazing event in which 72 of the world’s best cyclists participated in exciting tournaments at Velòdrom Illes Balears in Mallorca, Spain.

After the first round, two Olympic medalists and UCI track cycling world champions Harrie Lavreysen (Netherlands) and Emma Hinze (Germany) led the men’s and women’s Sprint League respectively. Along with them, the two star medalists Corbin Strong (New Zealand) and Katie Archibald (Great Britain) took first place in the men’s and women’s endurance league. The four leaders took the podium to receive the UCI Track Champions League leader’s jersey, which will be worn in the second round, scheduled for Panevėžys, Lithuania, on November 27.

Veldrom Illes Balears welcomed the eager spectators, half of whom experienced cycling on the track for the first time: for them a technology-led spectacle like never before in cycling. Viewers from around the world tuned in via Discover+, Eurosport, GCN+ and a wide range of international broadcast partners for the action-packed first round.

Race results – General classification of championship

round 1

Women’s Speed ​​League – KirinThree sprints led to the final with Olympic stars Kelsey Mitchell (Canada), Emma Haines (Germany) and Leah Friedrich (Germany) alongside Martha Bayona Pineda (Colombia), Miriam Weiss (Italy) and Matilde Gross (France). When the lead derny racer stretched, Lea Friedrich took the lead but was quickly overtaken by Mitchell and Hinze in a duel for the win. Mitchell, who recorded a maximum heart rate of 182 beats per minute, succeeded in a sprint.

Kelsey Mitchell (Canada) said: “I got fourth at the start, so I was in the middle of the group. Normally I prefer to take the lead early, but this time I decided to relax and save energy before doing everything I could. Last lap., so I was happy. Bypassing everyone. It’s unbelievable to win and I just want to keep that momentum.”

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Women’s Sprint League – SprintSix dynamic three-race races, followed by a semi-final, produced an all-German tactical final, one against a women’s sprint race. After a clumsy start, Emma Haines invaded by overtaking outside Leah Friedrich and crossed the line at a speed of 73 km/h.

Emma Haines (Germany) said: “The race was so intense, so fast and the atmosphere was great. I feel really proud to wear the leader jersey. The competition here is really tough, but I can’t wait. That upcoming events arrive.”

Sprint League machile – SprintAfter six races and the semi-finals, the Dutch men’s race final saw Harry Lavrijsen go head-to-head with Russian Mikhail Iakovlev. The race started as a cat-and-mouse game, before the drivers raced a lap. Lavrysen forced Iakovlev to pass it from above, only to launch a surprise attack that the Russians could not cope with. Lafrisen crossed the line to celebrate in front of a cheering crowd.

Harrie Lavreysen (Netherlands) said: “It was good, I like to race with only three drivers in qualifying. I was nervous because this is new to me – it’s different from driving one-on-one and very technical. It was nice to go to the final. Against Iakovlev. Lots of speed from above and he didn’t see me, so when I passed him he wasn’t expecting it. Hopefully I can win more, it’s a great race here.”

Sprint League machile – KirinJeffrey Hoagland (Netherlands), Stefan Boettcher (Germany), Harry Lafrisen (Netherlands), Kazuto Yamasaki (Japan), Nicholas Paul (Trinidad and Tobago) and Barrett (Canada) line up in the highly anticipated Kirin men’s final. Barrett rode derny and was quickly overtaken in the sprint. Hoogland then took the lead by a lap, only to be outdone by Botticher and Lavreysen who finished first and second, respectively.

Women’s Endurance League – ScratchThe race started with an early run of three athletes. Maggie Coles Leicester (Canada), Olivija Ballisit (Lithuania) and Hana Tsirach (Belarus) quickly gained a half-lap advantage over the group. With two rounds remaining, this lead was reduced, resulting in a close termination. Fending off the pursuit group, Maggie Coles Lyster resisted by passing first over the line.

Maggie Coles Leicester (Canada) said: “I thought about attacking soon, the race was so tense…and suddenly it was 50m when I realized I had it. It’s unbelievable to be one of the first winners on the UCI Champions League track: I believed in myself And I knew I had it inside of me, but realizing it is something else entirely.”

Women’s Endurance League – EliminationElimination of females began very quickly. Heart rates are higher than 180 beats per minute because competition does not allow breathing. Katie Archibald maintained a solid lead throughout as Spaniards Yuquín Lararte and Tania Calvo were eliminated to cheers from the local crowd. With two rounds left, Archibald continued to drive, with only Kirsten Wilde behind her. The final lap saw Archibald accelerate, leaving Wilde behind, allowing the Briton to “lap of honor” before crossing the finish line.

Katie Archibald (Great Britain) said: “I am happiest with the speed, though I was afraid everything would be more difficult from the middle of the race onwards. But I was able to run the race well and win clearly, with great joy.”

Men’s Endurance League – ScratchThe men’s Scratch race saw a break from lap 12, led by Spanish Olympian Sebastian Moura, to the delight of the local crowd. He was soon joined by other runners until Corbin Strong (New Zealand) attacked with the 500m to go. Although he restarted half a lap before, he found the strength to take the win.

Corbin Strong (New Zealand) said: “It was hot from the start but if you don’t warm up properly it will cost you dearly. It feels so good to win. This event is huge for track cycling and I am so happy. To be a part of it.”

Men’s Endurance Championship – EliminationJust like the women’s competition, the men’s elimination was quick from the start. Spaniards Sebastian Mora and Eric Martorell Haga took the lead as a couple to maintain high speed throughout, with great success. Scartezzini and Eefting were among the first to drop out of the race as the group weakened until three contestants remained: Scratch winner Corbin Strong, along with Mora and Martorell Haga. Strong proved to be very fast for both, and won an impressive tour.

Corbin Strong (New Zealand) said: “I put myself in a good position and have had a few times, but when it came to the last five I was tactically comfortable. I think my fitness has gone down in the last couple of weeks, but obviously the strength is still there. I am suitable for races of shorter forms and it did really well today.”

Francois Ribeiro, Head of Sports Events Discovery, He said: “Tonight marks an important step not only for the Discovery Group, but for the world of cycling and professional sport as a whole. After three years working with the UCI, he has given life to such an ambitious project with this debut. The incredible is a testament to our commitment to making cycling in Track is one of the world’s most watched sports.Our work has become a series of adrenaline-pumping, unpredictable races fueled by technology-driven production on a scale never seen before. Reality is a lot more in the second round, and for sports fans in the All over the world, this first event prepares us for an exciting first season.”

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