The #1 best-selling bed in 2023 at IKEA with 3 large drawers that has everything – Tuxboard

The #1 best-selling bed in 2023 at IKEA with 3 large drawers that has everything – Tuxboard

IKEA has put on sale a bed that has reached the top of its sales thanks to the many storage spaces that will allow you to save space!

the Sleep is essential for physical and mental health. That's why it's so important to choose the best bed to get a good night's sleep. The least we can say is that IKEA has everything you need.

Very elegant sofa bed

In its catalog, IKEA has put up for sale a two-seater sofa bed that has everything that pleases. And for good reason, it's an attractive option positioned as a versatile solution. But it's also practical for those looking to maximize space without compromising on design.

This is a multi-functional bed frame with three drawers. This product not only functions as a comfortable single bed, but it also functions as storage space. there The IKEA HEMNES collection stands out for its elegant style.

And this bed from the Swedish brand is no exception. If you like cohesion in décor, you can combine it with other furniture from the same collection. This way you can create a harmonious atmosphere in your home.

One of the strengths of the HEMNES bed is its three large drawers. These drawers not only add an aesthetic touch to the design but also provide an effective storage solution.

Hence, it allows you to store duvets, pillows and bed covers. And any item you want to hide but still have at your fingertips. these Drawers become valuable allies in maintaining order in the room.

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Spacious and practical product

The inner height of the drawers is 20 cm. Which provides ample space to organize your belongings. The width of each drawer is 55 cm. The internal depth reaches 70 cm.

This provides enough space for bulky items. In addition to its functionality, the IKEA HEMNES bed is designed with comfort and luxury in mind. for him High edges create a warm and cozy feeling.

Thus it provides a comfortable and comfortable atmosphere in the room. The furniture is also painted. Which means it requires almost no maintenance. This obviously makes everyday life easier.

The bed also has the following dimensions: 89 cm wide, 209 cm long, and 83 cm high. It is an effectively integrated product Different spaces and decor styles.

As for the size of the bed, it is 160 cm wide and 200 cm long. While the recommended width of the mattress is 80 cm and its length is 200 cm. One thing is for sure, this is a product that has it all.

Directions from IKEA

In white or large, this product can easily accommodate your guests. Simply pull out the bed base and you'll have a double bed in no time. By adding a few soft and fluffy pillows as a backrest, This daybed converts into a comfortable sofa.

IKEA also specified: “The sofa should be completed with two 80×200 mattresses. If you use the sofa as a single bed, the mattresses are placed on top of each other. If you use the sofa as a double bed, it can be placed side by side..

Before also pointing out: “This daybed is not designed to be used as two single beds. When unfolded, it should be It can only be used as a double bed.

Available for €399, it is a bed that has a very good rating of 4.5 stars out of 5. You can also find this article on the brand's website. Or in physical stores.

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This stunning Ikea bed is a bestseller thanks to its many storage optionsThis stunning Ikea bed is a bestseller thanks to its many storage options

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