Find out how the new game risks disrupting the ending of the first work

While Avalanche Software has yet to announce a sequel to Hogwarts Legacy this year, it's clear that it's coming. Hogwarts Legacy is not a critics' favorite, as it has not received a single Game Awards nomination. However, it was a huge hit with Wizarding World fans, becoming the best-selling game of the year and most popular according to Google. I would argue that more than any other game released this year, Hogwarts Legacy appeals to casual players, maximizing its sales.

Explore the four common rooms at Hogwarts below.

When the game was released, many people claimed it was their first role-playing experience, drawn to the brand of the Wizarding World and the opportunity to finally explore Hogwarts. We then understand why Avalanche is busy hiring more developers to develop this franchise. Hogwarts Legacy lays the foundation for a strong gaming series. It just needs some modifications.

Hogwarts Castle is meticulously designed. Especially on new generation consoles, with no loading times, it's great to explore. Walking through the main rooms and corridors of the castle is a magical experience. This feeling is enhanced when you finally discover all the hidden places and secret passages. I also think the combat is pretty solid, although there is room for expansion.

The biggest problem Hogwarts Legacy has is its open world, which is frankly empty. Hogsmeade has been designed with the same care and attention as Hogwarts itself. I also felt uncomfortable walking in certain parts of the Forbidden Forest. However, most of the time, outside of the main quests, the game takes you to a variety of caves and ruins that are copied and pasted to complete recurring side quests. That's not what worries me about the sequel though.

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Expanding the depth of the open world seems like a natural progression and is something the developers will definitely be working hard on. What concerns me is Hogwarts Legacy's recklessness when it comes to player decision making. Most of the time, choices don't matter in the game. Sure, each person chooses a house and changes a particular quest, but otherwise you'll have the same experience as other players. Casting an Avada Kedavra every two seconds may result in some confused looks, but there are no real consequences.

This all changes in the final scene of the game.Warning: Spoilers ahead. In the epilogue, you will finally defeat Ranrok and discover the ancient power, known as the Final Ark, that he sought to control. There are three ways this can happen, although you are initially presented with two choices: retain the existing power or release it into the world. If you choose to unleash the power, you will have many other options.

You can continue to edit it, change your choice and keep it, or a new third choice will appear, allowing you to seize power yourself. This is definitely the less popular option because I think many players with a good attitude have had success with it. If you choose the Secret Option to seize power yourself, a short cutscene will begin showing the main character's eyes glowing red as he stares straight across the screen.

The thing is, the Hogwarts legacy is not a universal influence. It's not based on your choices, so it looks like the last-minute mechanic in the final stages of the game will be abandoned at the start of a potential sequel. It's one thing to continue studying at Hogwarts after getting a higher kill count than Voldemort, but there will be a noticeable difference between those of us who embraced the Force and those of us who swung to the dark side in the final scene. .

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If those players who made the last choice didn't start the next game with that ancient magic coursing through their bodies, it would seem a bit strange. If not, Hogwarts Legacy 2 will have to find a way to explain why all of the main characters start out as equals again, something that, while not impossible, seems difficult. Either way, I'm interested to see how this will be handled. You can't provide the player with an option that changes the ending and then ignore it.

Players had high expectations for Hogwarts Legacy. I can only imagine that these expectations will rise for Hogwarts Legacy 2 since fans have been vocal about exactly what improvements they would like to see. I just hope the sequel hasn't already shot itself in the foot.

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