That's why New Zealand imports tons of clay from South Korea

That’s why New Zealand imports tons of clay from South Korea

Mud volcano in Rotorua Photo: olg olg

The New Zealand city of Rotorua has been criticized for unusual importation.

The community in the Pacific state’s North Island, which is famous for its hot springs and bubbling mud pools, wants to stock up on mud from South Korea for the equivalent of more than 50,000 euros.

The clay will be used at the Great Mud Festival in December. The program includes real mud fights and also a “mud race”.

About 50 tons imported

According to the organizers, more than 350 tons of clay are needed for the “Mudtopia” festival – which roughly corresponds to the tonnage of 32 mobile concrete mixers. About 50 tons are to be imported from the South Korean city of Boryeong, which hosts a similar festival that receives more than three million visitors each year.

The New Zealand Taxpayers Association has been highly critical of the plans. “It’s like Dubai importing sand for a desert festival,” a spokesperson said. The city wants to stick with it anyway. “I know there is a general feeling that Rotorua has had enough mud,” Chancellor Trevor Maxwell told the New Zealand Herald. “But you can’t dig some old mud out of the ground and throw it at people.”


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