Tarascon sur Ariege.  Youth Space: A rich and diverse program during the holidays

Tarascon sur Ariege. Youth Space: A rich and diverse program during the holidays

For the February holidays, the Youth Service has developed a new program of activities for teenagers aged 12 and over. In particular, the following are planned: a “youth” evening, an “Action for My Planet” day, preparation of summer projects, residencies, or even a concert for third-year middle school students.

But those who wish can, every afternoon, from 3 pm to 7 pm, take advantage of the many games available, access the Internet, use the recording studio, organize photo sessions, or even use the dance room. “Here, anything is possible,” say members of the entertainment team. As a reminder, one of the fundamental rights in the youth center is also to “do nothing, and to ‘relax’ quietly”.

As with every holiday period, a mini workshop will also be offered. Participating volunteers will receive compensation as a result of their commitment. Because venues often get broken into, it's essential to register as soon as possible*. The same applies to the “event day” of these holidays, which will take place on Thursday, February 22nd. Participants will go to Ramonville-Saint-Agne for a concert at the legendary Bikini Hall. As part of the Antiques session, four emerging artists from the urban scene will take turns: Opinard, Daniel, Jethro, and Theo Goss.

*For more information and/or to register, it is possible to come directly to the social center “L'Atelier” (formerly known as Maison des Jeunes), 4 rue de l'Ort, or contact the facilitators by phone at 06 45 95 33 46, or to send Email to [email protected].
Some activities require financial participation.
Note that the “Pass Jeunes”, a membership card of Espace Jeunes, gives access to discounts at some businesses in the city, at the municipal cinema and at shows organized by the municipality. There is another reason, if necessary, to come to the youth space.

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