In Paris, this immersive museum brings science to life and excitement

In Paris, this immersive museum brings science to life and excitement

Throughout their journey, visitors “the scientific experiments” Accompanied by enthusiastic scientists. They impart their knowledge and answer all questions. Scientific mediators take the time to explain and generalize sometimes complex concepts.

From the limits of the universe, to the depths of the abyss, through the center of the Earth, and ending with the topics of quantum physics (lasers, teleportation, levitation), the audience moves from topic to topic discovering and waking up to science thanks to “scientific experiments”.

The Abyss: In the depths of the oceans

But what happens from 0 to 11,000 meters below sea level? Bill Francois, an underwater specialist, welcomes the curious. It invites visitors to discover the fascinating world of the Abyss, in the form of a delicate, multi-sensory immersion. Surrounded by the sounds and images of the deep, the abyss' astonishing and dramatic tales will enthrall the visitor.

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This course also allows the audience to understand the importance of the seabed through a speech to raise awareness of ocean pollution.

A trip to the center of the earth

Never before has man, with the help of machine, gone deeper than 12 kilometres. But here, visitors to “Science Experiences” will be able to descend to a depth of 6,300 kilometers below the Earth’s surface, through immersive video mapping technology, an interactive room that reacts to visitors’ movements. The room takes them into the bowels of the Earth, into the heart of the Earth, before showing them during a volcanic eruption. The opportunity to observe and almost touch water circles and spots.

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Suddenly, everything shakes and collapses into molten magma at the center of the Earth. Travelers are invited to discover and understand the geological structure of the Earth and its various components. Tracking technology also allows them to enjoy moving the decor as they move around the room.

Four other themes are addressed in this museum, always with an immersive and innovative side: space, the human body, nature, and static electricity.

Open Monday through Friday from 10am to 7pm, Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 8pm.
Address: 16 Cours Saint-Emilion, 17012 Paris

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