What are Northvolt's environmental impacts?

What are Northvolt's environmental impacts?

The Swedish company is currently clearing land between the cities of Saint-Basile-le-Grand and McMasterville, in preparation for building a factory to manufacture and recycle lithium-ion batteries. Work began in mid-January.

The Quebec Environmental Law Center (CQDE) asked the court to stop the work. The Quebec Superior Court rejected this. What should we expect in the coming weeks and months? Isabelle Bourgogne talks about this with:

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Northvolt escaped evaluation, with an impact study, by the Bureau of Public Hearings on the Environment (BAPE). However, she stuck to the commitments inherent in her project: to conserve 50 hectares of wetlands and habitat for the bittern – or little bittern, a waterbird species classified as vulnerable. But don't questions remain about the effects of this project on wetlands?

Why was this project not submitted for BAPE evaluation?

We know how important wetlands are, as habitats, carbon sinks, and water management. What changes with this project, in the very specific context of the Richelieu Valley?

Document from Cima+ ecogénie, reported by duty In Novemberfocused on Floral inventories and characteristics of humid and aquatic environments ». It identified 74 wet areas – with ponds, swamps and tree swamps. What is at risk of disappearing?

It will be spring in a few weeks. How urgent is this moment in the eyes of the wetland observer? Are there any mitigation measures?

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It is not enough to say that it is a project with “green” potential, that is, batteries for electric cars. It will require housing and transporting thousands of workers daily. The plant will be power-hungry, as our era of surplus electricity appears to be coming to an end. Do we have all the factors of the problem at hand?

Future factory location (in blue). Illustration provided by Saint Basil Le Grand


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