Surgery: Will we soon be able to perform surgery on astronauts in space from Earth?

Surgery: Will we soon be able to perform surgery on astronauts in space from Earth?

An innovative robotic surgeon weighing less than a kilo was sent to the International Space Station to conduct several remote experiments, despite the time difference of one second from Earth, where he was guided by real doctors.

Comprehensive medical care, including surgical procedures, will certainly be necessary when astronauts go on long and distant space missions, for example to Mars. In case of emergency 340 million kilometers above the Earth's surfaceDon't panic: the surgeon's fingers may be able to extend this distance to control the operation virtually and remotely thanks to… A small remote-controlled robot. The first tests in space were carried out last weekend.

The success of the small robot on the International Space Station

On January 30, he struck Microwave volume is less than 1 kg It was sent by a SpaceX rocket towards the International Space Station. Inside is a miniature robot designed by Virtual Incision and the University of Nebraska spaceMIRA. He is the one who focuses all hopes on tomorrow's surgery. Through this Small device with articulated armsUsing the camera, a team of six surgeons was able to perform different experiments consisting of simulating classical surgical techniques, “Like grabbing, manipulating, cutting fabric.”But in space. The spaceMIRA robot was able to grasp the rubber band with one forceps and cut it with scissors from the other, just as one begins a dissection. a movement 'significantly slower' Only in the operating room, but who has “a fan” Scientists present who described the process as “big success”, The company Virtual Incisions reports in a press release. “There were very few mistakes.” It is still necessary to count A time difference of 0.85 seconds Between the Earth and the ship orbiting around it.

This technology is interesting not only for space, but also here on Earth. Because robots that allow remote work exist, but they are enormous. Therefore, this miniature technology is receiving global attention. One can imagine that in Rural areas where there are no qualified surgeonsA small robot controlled remotely by an expert could be a game-changer. To do this, he still has to prove himself beyond a simple incision and stitches.

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