These three sports activities are good for morale, according to science

These three sports activities are good for morale, according to science

The reputation and benefits of sport are no longer praiseworthy. Regular physical activity allows you to take care of your body and body and gives yourself the maximum chance of being healthy. Add to that a balanced diet and good hydration, and you will reach the goal of turning 100 years old. It's a dream, isn't it?

So we know the benefits of exercise on the brain, but did you know that some practices have been ideal and recognized for fighting depression?

Exercise is beneficial in fighting depression

According to specialized media Study discoveriesWho conveyed the information, a study conducted by the University of Queensland identified a positive relationship between practicing three activities and combating depression syndrome.

While depression affects more than 300 million people worldwide (yes, that's impressive), the report noted that participating in multiple sports significantly reduced the condition. At the top of the list, researchers say that yoga, running, and muscle strengthening are ideal things to lift the spirits! Among other recorded activities we note: Dancethere He walks And tai chi. The results of the study indicated that activities such as Muscle Building It had more positive effects on women.

On the contrary, Yoga where is the TyChe It was more beneficial for men. In terms of age, the study showed more positive effects on young people in the muscle strengthening category, while activities such as yoga were more effective among adults. Note that to conduct this study, data from more than 14,000 participants of all ages was studied, compared and analysed.

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Therefore, sporting activity, and in particular practicing one of these sports, can constitute an activity Alternative solution Or complementary to treatment and therapeutic monitoring for fights against there depression. Therefore, these activities can be practiced without moderation!

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