In the Milo workshop in Lyon, “a co-working space for potters”

In the Milo workshop in Lyon, “a co-working space for potters”

In the heart of the Rue du Plat, in the exposed stone walls of the 2nd arrondissement, lies a shop with the rather funny name Atelier Milo. Between an Eric Bompard store and an international cuisine restaurant, this slightly quirky place will allow you to escape after a long day.

During the second quarantine, while half of us were bored and the other half was practicing another hobby, O'Reilly and Malo They imagined a place in their image: passionate about ceramics, and the desire to “Put your hands in the ground“, as the two friends like to say, got them itchy.

But those who love working with the land know this: between the somewhat expensive equipment, the somewhat cumbersome raw materials, and the purchase of earth and dust, the practice of pottery is a very less practical activity. Hence the idea of ​​“coworking for potters”, where everyone could get their hands dirty (or rather, get dirty), without worrying about the rest: “The goal was really to collect equipment, so that people could practice ceramics freely in Lyon without necessarily having to attend fairly expensive courses.

Thus was born Atelier Milo: a place “Unrestricted, where you can practice freely, without pressure, to disconnect.“Be in concrete to escape: in the workshop, you can take classes to introduce you to ceramics”Courses of five courses or one semester“, then come with freedom of access, to apply what we've learned and to be able to create freely, without judgement. And for those who don't want to put their hands in the ground, the all-new and beautiful Coffee Ceramics have just seen the light of day: on pieces produced mainly on site (made in Leon, and yes ladies, that's just it), drink a chai latte and unplug for a few hours by laminating a cup or bowl.

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You'll (finally) be able to own one of these Instagrammable mugs bearing the inscription “Coffee Girl” or “So Good for You,” knowing that you'll pull it off from A to Z, from modeling to decor.

Prices: Ceramic coffee from €25 per piece, discovery modeling/transformation course from €60.

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