STXfilms and AGC Studios Sign “Universe Most Wanted” Deal

STXfilms and AGC Studios Sign “Universe Most Wanted” Deal

STXfilms has chosen Dave Bautista’s sci-fi adventure Most Wanted in the Universe To the USA, Great Britain and India under contract with AGC Studios and CAA Media Finance.

Production is slated to begin in Melbourne, Australia in late July. Roadshow distributes the film in Australia and New Zealand and Film Victoria supports the production.

Brad Pitton (AngerAnd the San Andreas(From the scenario of F. Scott Frazier)xXx: Return of Xander Cage) And Jimmy Lowery of Small Town gets a big surprise when a spaceship with the most wanted and most dangerous criminals in the universe crashes in the backyard.

The sheriff and his son quickly become heroes as they help an intergalactic peacekeeper (Bautista) prevent a ragged group of foreign prisoners from escaping and taking over the world.

Biton is produced by ASAP Entertainment with Jeff Fierson of ASAP. Bautista (Army of the Dead Guardians of the Galaxy Sand dunes) Via Dream Bros Entertainment, with Jonathan Messner of Dream Bros and Stuart Ford, President of AGC Studios. Miguel Palos Jr. and Linda McDonough are Executive Producers alongside Carsten Lorenz.

The agreement relies on STX-AGC’s relationship after their partnership QueenbeansThe upcoming comedy with Kristen Bell, Kirby Howell-Baptiste, Vince Vaughn, Baby Rexa and Paul Walter Hauser. The deal also brings back Team STX with Bautista who starred in it spy, Which debuted on Amazon Prime and inspired development in a sequel.

AGC hit previously announced international sales at the title launched in the virtual AFM. Went to Germany, Austria and Switzerland (Konstantin Film); France (Metropolitan); Latin America, Spain, Italy and Portugal (Vertice Cine); Canada (photo height); CIS and the Baltic States (Volga film); Benelux (researcher); Eastern Europe and Turkey (SPI International); The Middle East (Salim Ramia & Co.); Israel (the united king); South Africa (Empire Entertainment); And airlines (Eco Lake Entertainment).

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In Asia, science fiction films were sold to South Korea (Joy N Cinema); Taiwan (Long Shong International); Thailand (Sahamongkolfilm); Hong Kong (Panorama Entertainment); And the Philippines (Pioneer Films).

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