Highlights of today's series: "Kenzly Burger", a lawyer series, and a youth series

Highlights of today’s series: “Kenzly Burger”, a lawyer series, and a youth series

Today, on Wednesday, you are looking for a series with a star in Free TV? From 7:25 PM, great actors and actresses like Angela Bassett, Semisi Cheekam, Ivo Kortlang and Eva Maria Reichert are waiting for you on TV. Make yourself comfortable and try a bar series, youth series, or drama series. Here is our series of recommendations:

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Lawyer Series: “Kanzlei Berger” with Eva Maria Reichert and Nele Kiper (7:25 PM on ZDF)

Caro Berger is called to the crime scene: Maria Boch sits traumatized next to her deceased mother – the police consider legal advice necessary because Maria is silent. Caro managed to contact the young woman only slowly.

This series of attorneys by Kay Mayer Rex with Eva Maria Reichert as Caro Berger, Nelly Kipper as Nikki Berger, Robert Gegenbach as Karl Heinz Berger, Ceci Berlinger as Angelica Berger, Martin Gruber as Dr. Martin Loibl and Nik Felice Aligbe as Louie Fernandes promises to entertain 50 minutes.

Youth series: “Hardball” with Semisi Cheekam and Logan Reberger (20:10 on KiKa)

On the one hand: when his dad is supposed to play in the rugby team in the Australian League, ten-year-old Mickey has to move with him from New Zealand to his aunt’s workshop in Sydney. But not only Auntie gets used to it. Everything is different in the new school too, and Mickey has to make sure he doesn’t turn into an outsider right away. Especially since one thing seems to unite all students: a kind of handball, with its own rules. And one thing becomes clear very quickly: If Mickey wants to be one of them, he has to be handball capable.

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This youth series was written by Darren Ashton with Simesi Chickam as Mickey, Logan Rieberger as Jerry, Ryanna Hamdan as Salwa, Irene Choi as Tiffany, Helen Dalimore as Mrs. Crapper, and Diaa Tomua-Saw Mafiti as Father promises 25 minutes Of entertainment.

Dramatic series: “Tonis Welt” with Ivo Kortlang and Amber Bongard (20:15 on Vox)

Tony, an autistic person with Asperger’s disease, and Valerie, who has Tourette’s syndrome, have been a couple for over a year. After Valerie’s grandmother dies, the two plan to purchase their home, but that turns out to be tougher than expected.

This drama is written by Felix Arens with Evo Kurtlang as Anton “Tony” Vogel, Amber Bongard as Valerie, Leonard Lansink as Julia Berold as Beatrix, Philip Bender as Lars and Nora Boeckler, where she promises Anya 55 minutes of entertainment.

Action series: “9-1-1 Notruf LA” with Angela Bassett and Peter Krause (8:15 pm on Pro7)

The flight turns into a disaster when the child flies alone in a balloon. In addition, a power outage not only cripples a full quarter, but also causes a serious accident. Finally, the man needs to be rescued from the refrigerator. Athena investigates a rape case and puts her life in danger when the perpetrator brutally attacked her.

This action series from Kristen Riddell with Angela Bassett as Athena Grant, Peter Krause as Bobby Nash, Jennifer Love Hewitt as Maddy Kendall, Oliver Stark as Evan Buck Buckley, Aisha Hinds as Henrietta Heine Wilson, and Kenneth Choi as Chimney Hobbyist. Han promises to entertain for 60 minutes.

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If you are looking for movies, series or other exciting sports programs in the TV show, you will find it in our section the news Many TV recommendations.

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