Stumbled about the health status of the Czech president

Stumbled about the health status of the Czech president

Urgent hospitalization Since Sunday 10 October, is Czech President Milos Zeman, 77, still able to perform his duties? This question is at the root of a formidable predicament in this central European country of ten million, especially since the head of state, who has openly Eurosceptic and pro-Russian views, is supposed to appoint the next prime minister day in and day out, after the elections. Legislative on October 8 and 9.

The Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies confirmed, Thursday, October 14, that he had visited the patient in the intensive care unit of the Central Military Hospital in Prague. “He was telling jokes” And “Follow the news”, reassured Radek Vondrasek, leaving, under his arm, the decree of convening a new parliament signed by the president. “Of course he is sick, he is weak. But I spoke to him normally, ” The elected member of the same party reassured the outgoing prime minister, billionaire Andrei Babis.

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The latter, however, hoped to retain his position, despite his defeat in the legislative elections, relying on the support of Mr. Zeman, with whom he continued to be contacted. “Pro-Brussels” The opposition coalition that won the legislative elections. So Mr. Babis desperately needs Mr. Zeman to recover and then give him the mandate to reform the government. However, the document states that the new parliament should be convened on November 8, which is the latest possible date. According to Mr. Vondrasek, the chief told him, citing Machiavelli in German, “Win time, win everything” (“Time saved, everything saved”).

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‘Unknown to the President’

But was Mr. Zeeman really able to sign such a document and quote in German from the recovery bed? Suspicion continues to rise in the Czech Republic, especially within the opposition that suspects the president’s entourage of maneuvering, which systematically downplays the seriousness of the health condition of a man she has officially reached.‘neuro diabetes mellitus’. “There are people around the president who have not been elected and may be acting unknowingly.”Senator Thomas Chernin, for example, denounced it.

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Even opposition deputies filed a complaint with the prosecution, confirming its existence Doubts about the authenticity of the signature from the document. They are counting on the fact that no photos of the meeting have been released. However, the last time Milos Zeman was seen in public now dates back to Sunday, when he was taken semi-conscious to hospital. Since then, doctors have been limited to saying that his condition is so “stable”. On Thursday, his wife assured her that he needed treatment “take time”.

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