Andorra: flatulence caused a public brawl at a spa

Andorra: flatulence caused a public brawl at a spa

On the evening of Monday 11 October, a general fight broke out at Caldea Thermal Center located in the Principality of Andorra. The cause of this disorder: simple flatulence, or more commonly, a fart.

As reported by Andorran media, LoudspeakerIt was around midnight when the scene began. While several clients of the thermal center were in the changing rooms and were about to leave the building, for some unknown reason, one approached the other, and then let out a small “wind”. It came from the depths of his intestines.

But the person next to him clearly did not appreciate this inconvenience. Then the two people began to explain. But the tone rose, and insults ended up flowing in all directions before hands reached.

Surrounded by their family members, they did not hesitate to participate in the discussion, and each defended their loved ones. Instead of trying to calm the situation, the relatives also started hitting each other.

police came

Faced with the scale of this harassment involving at least a dozen people in total, the security services at the spa had no other choice but to report to the police, who immediately went to the scene.

And although four patrols arrived, one of them was commissioned by a woman who was among the cast. fight. However, it quickly got under control, and so were the two heroes at the origin of this argument.

The three were initially arrested on charges of disrespecting a police officer and assaulting their bodily integrity, and finally the three people got away with a simple symbolic ruling, then were released on Tuesday evening.

Wounded in the face, the author of this whole story certainly wouldn’t want to start over.

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