Polisario raises its voice against the European Union

Polisario raises its voice against the European Union

The Polisario raises its tone against the European Union. The leadership of the front, convinced of the will of the twenty-seven, threatened to appeal the September 29 ruling of the Court of Justice of the European Union to cancel the fishing and agricultural agreements with Morocco.

Polisario media reported that “the European Union, with its actions, is sending the wrong message to the Moroccan regime and ignoring the security risks inherent on its direct borders.”

The Ibrahim Ghali movement asserts that “the European Union, during the European Court of Justice’s deliberations in the case of fisheries and the agricultural agreement between Brussels and Morocco, which included the occupied territories of Western Sahara, tried to manipulate the conditions to show that the Sahrawi people have more than a political representative.”

In its judgment, the CJEU considered that at the international level, the Polisario is “recognized as the representative of the people of Western Sahara, even assuming that this recognition falls within the limited framework of the self-determination process for this region.”

Spanish Agriculture Minister Luis Balance have found On 5 October the majority position among EU member states is to appeal the ruling to the same court.

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