Strict Containment Restored This Weekend: Traders’ Reaction

Strict Containment Restored This Weekend: Traders’ Reaction

On Friday, October 15, the head of government, Luis Mapu, announced: the re-restriction of the strictest this weekend. Zoom in on merchants’ feedback.

Closure is imminent. They will have to organize themselves, but against all odds, merchants welcome in the capital with a great understanding of advertisements Back weekend time. For some, this measure aimed at curbing the epidemic is a good thing.

I think the dismantling was done very early on, since we’re in the midst of a crisis, I imagine the merchants needed to get back to work, it’s true that economically we were in a bit of trouble to get out of it, now if we really need to reconfigure, I think the The time has come to do so.

Karen Gillies, Director of Neil Barr

The same applies to hairdressers, as explained by Benjamin Olivier, director of Dessange hairdressing salon: “There’s a lot of organizing, calling clients again tomorrow, finding a place for them, and then, I won’t hide from you, we’re already very happy that we were able to work again this week, so we will adapt to the new procedures.”

Closed from Saturday 2 pm

Starting tomorrow at 2 PM, all non-essential businesses will have to lower the curtain. In ready-to-wear, professionals assure that they will be flexible. “I think it’s a good thing, it still allows us to keep working a bit during the week and is open on Saturday morning so our clients can adjust, and they’ll come in the morning instead of coming on Saturday afternoon – noon is very good for us”, Monique Benefit, director of AlexKa ready-to-wear boutique.

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For restaurants located on the bays of Noumea, where Sunday is a very busy day, here too we show resignation.

At the weekend we thought we would work a bit, but with this ad we won’t work, we won’t do anything on site, we’ll just win. Sunday for me was a big day as I still have a lot of families…Unfortunately they won’t be able to come to my place (…) Here we are, after we acclimatize we are asked to do We do it, if we are allowed Getting back to normal faster, we might as well do and bow to him.

Willric Gaiman, Manager, Malongo Café

For now, this measure only applies this weekend. But depending on the progress, it can be extended.

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