Students build the world's smallest humanoid robot

Students build the world's smallest humanoid robot

This robot stands 14.1 cm tall and officially entered the world on January 6, 2024. Guinness record. It was designed by a team of robotics students from Diocesan Boys School in Hong Kong.

Servo motors are used in the smallest human robot

For a robot to be “human-like,” it had to have the ability to move the joints between the legs, hips, shoulders, or elbows smoothly. To overcome this challenge, they used motors called servos that allow different parts of the robot's body to exert precise rotational movements.

The various parts of the robot were 3D printed in the school’s robotics laboratory. “Machining” was performed while assembling the components. The battery is 7.4 volt lithium-ion.

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An educational, affordable and programmable robot

The control panel is intelligently controlled through a mobile application. In addition, the small robot can perform pre-programmed actions. In fact, the students' goal, besides surpassing the smallest size record, was to build a comprehensive educational tool. Comrades taking courses in science, technology, mathematics, engineering and the arts will also be able to use this technology. Notably, the robot was designed specifically for “economically disadvantaged students and ethnic minorities.”

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