NASA will launch a new space telescope to reveal the secrets of the universe

NASA will launch a new space telescope to reveal the secrets of the universe

After Hubble, James Webb, or Euclid, the family of small space telescopes scanning the universe will soon expand. NASA has announced the launch of a new space exploration mission in 2030 called Uvex, meaning “Ultraviolet Explorer.”

The US space agency explained in a press release that “Uvex will be able to quickly point to sources of ultraviolet light in the universe.” This will allow it to capture the explosions that follow bursts of gravitational waves generated by the merger of neutron stars. The telescope will also carry an ultraviolet spectrometer to study stellar explosions and massive stars.

“A modern map of the universe”

In short, Uvex modestly proposes that, by capturing the disturbances of the universe and guiding scientists' “investigations,” we will uncover the secrets of the evolution of galaxies and stars, while creating “a modern map of the universe at many wavelengths.” Something that interests astrophysicists around the world.

“This new telescope will contribute to our understanding of the universe at multiple wavelengths and will respond to one of the major priorities of current astrophysics: studying ephemeral changes in the universe,” says Mark Clampin, director of NASA's Astrophysics Division.

The value of the UVEX project is $300 million, not including the cost of launching the telescope.

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