ALÈS Opening a new gaming area in Tamaris

ALÈS Opening a new gaming area in Tamaris

In order to foster social connections and allow young people to let off steam, the Tamaris district of Alice is hosting a new playground for three weeks, which was inaugurated on Tuesday by the district's elected officials.

The promise of the free person is a debt to him! The Tamaris district of Alès has a new play area near the Louis-Raffin stadium. Great news for parents who have been requesting this accommodation for years. “Families are happy!”Soraya Huwais, the municipal advisor responsible for city policy, is happy. The inauguration ceremony was attended by Alice Mayor Max Rostan, Alice Mayor Christoph Revink, Deputy Governor Emil Sombo, elected officials Soraya Hoss and Marie-Christine Perec (urban ecology pole), as well as many other Alice politicians. .

80% financed by the state as part of the city policy at a cost of 61,000 euros excluding taxes, this area is divided into two spaces: the first for young children (from 2 to 12 years), so that young people can vent their worries, and the second for teenagers/adults. “This allows us to have a space to socialize.”explains Anthony Talagrande, Head of the Landscape and Nature Department. Two seats are installed nearby to improve parental supervision.

Following the state, Deputy Governor Emil Sombo affirmed his support for the development of the city's policy: “There are no bad projects, and if there is a little money missing, we will do our best to get it.”He specifies.

The mayor of the capital of Sevennes does not intend to stop at this priority area of ​​the city, which represents almost a third of Alice's population. “Euro 180 million is planned for the renovation of the streets of Jean Moulins, the Cevennes and Tres Saint-Jean areas.”“, announces Max Rostan. As for Tamaris, the new play area will see the light opposite the church, and several renovations will also be carried out on different roads such as Delawen Street.

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