The best advice to stop snacking according to science!

The best advice to stop snacking according to science!

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Snacking can quickly ruin your weight loss efforts! In fact, snacking is not good for your health due to excessive consumption of calories, sugars and non-nutritious fats!

Because yes, most of the time when snacking, it's the higher calorie snacks that go there! Swallow a box of chocolate cupcakes or a box of potato chips in just a few minutes, and you are guaranteed to gain weight!

Good news for those who tend to snack, scientists have discovered an unstoppable trick to reduce these high-calorie snacks! Decryption!

No more preparation, it's time to taste!

We often crave snacks due to factors such as boredom, stress, emotions, or simply out of habit.

The most common snack foods tend to be salty and sweet snacks, such as potato chips, candy, cookies and chocolate. It's enough to ruin your efforts to lose weight.

Thus, researchers from the University of Aberdeen in Scotland looked at the eating behaviors we follow when we feel hungry!

According to their findings, it would be enough just to have healthy ready-to-eat foods on hand so that you no longer rely on high-calorie snacks from the vending machine!

Indeed, according to the study published in the magazine Food quality and preferencesInstantly edible foods were approximately 15% more attractive than foods that required minimal preparation!

So, “ “A peeled orange arouses stronger desires than an unpeeled orange.” During the experiment. On the contrary, A closed bag of potato chips elicits fewer cravings than an open bag of potato chips!

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A revealing study

Therefore, the study shed light on the effect of prepared foods on food cravings. In this study, university researchers showed more than 200 volunteers photos of food at different stages of preparation and asked them to rate how much they craved it.

Dr. Constance Hesse, who led the research, explains: The interesting thing we found is that cravings for foods that are immediately edible are much higher compared to foods that have to be cooked, cut, peeled, or even unwrapped.

“High-calorie foods are often marketed in a prepared, ready-to-eat form, just think of hamburger or pizza advertisements. In contrast, low-calorie foods are often served unprepared, for example raw salmon or broccoli heads that They require extra effort and preparation to make them ready to eat. ” she added.

Prepare your snacks in advance so you don't panic!

So the unstoppable advice is to anticipate your cravings, always have with you a satisfying, quick-to-bite fruit, or pre-cut food that is ready to be consumed quickly to meet your needs and, above all, satisfy your hunger by eating healthy food!

We must prepare healthy foods to encourage healthy choices!

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