‘Stretch your legs’: New Zealand stumbles due to Minister’s Covid gaffe

New Zealand’s COVID-19 response minister’s gaffe in the country’s live update on the coronavirus outbreak has given the country a respite from regular, albeit slightly organized, coverage of the pandemic.

In a briefing on Sunday, Minister Chris Hopkins briefed the country on the growing number of coronavirus cases in the community when he urged New Zealanders to socially distance themselves when they go out to “stretch their legs”.

“It’s a challenge for people in densely populated areas to get out and spread their legs when others are around them,” he said.

The Director General of Health, Dr. Ashley Bloomfield stood next to Hepkins on the platform, briefly caught his eye as the minister continued.

New Zealand is currently in National Insurance In response to a delta eruption.

Later, when Hepkins realized his mistake, he said he would walk and “straighten his legs,” acknowledging that the media would “enjoy it all later.”

It wasn’t lost on New Zealanders who adopted the hashtag #spreadyourlegs and called on citizens to “spread their legs and save lives”.

Some have suggested that the epidemic government’s phrase, “Go hard, go early,” has a new meaning.

Another Twitter user described the reaction.Exactly the comedic relief Aotearoa needs today. “

Someone joked that the country could collapse.”With a team of 10 millionTake Hepkins’ “tip.”

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