Stars in their eyes for the Science Festival in Cannes

Stars in their eyes for the Science Festival in Cannes

The dissemination and development of knowledge in astronomy is the goal of the Société d’astronomie de Cannes (Saca). Therefore, it is only natural that, from today until October 26, as part of the Fête de la science, you will decide on several events to help people discover the planets and the universe.

Are we alone in the universe? Is there a life other than ours? Stéphane Mazevey, Director of the Observatory of the Cote d’Azur, will answer these questions This afternoon, at 5:30 pm.during the conference” Life in the universe and the outer planets. October 12, At the same time, astronomer Jean-Louis Hoeder will address the topic of exoplanets and exoplanets.

finally, October 19 Patrick Michel, President of SACA, Director of Research at the National Center for Scientific Research at the Nice Observatory and one of the initiators of the global planetary defense project, Dart Hera (1), will present the first results.

Put in the partial solar eclipse

And on October 15, it will be “the culmination of this event: the Exposition of the Thousand Planets,” Jean-Louis Balla, the association’s general secretary, told. It meets in Bocabana, from the Romano roundabout, next to Thalas. There, at an altitude of 150 meters, facing the sea, models and panels about the sun and planets will be presented as well as an exhibition on the outer planets. “There will be animation and a test. Two telescopes will be turned on!”

Then, at 7 p.m., a place to watch. Jupiter and Saturn will be spied by telescopes. “Even in the city we can see them very well,” but it is still essential that the weather is good there!

Same place but different date: Tuesday 25th October. Come watch the partial solar eclipse, which will happen between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. “The moon is passing over the edge of the sun. Not like the total eclipse we observed in 1999. There, it will gobble up the sun by a quarter.” But be careful not to look at it with the naked eye. “In any case, we have, on our telescopes, a solar filter that allows us to see it quite safely.”

1. At the end of September, a space probe collided with an asteroid as part of the DART mission.

All conferences are held at the Maison des Association at 1, rue des Broussailles, at 5:30 pm and are free and open to all. information by clicking right here. ; Email: [email protected]

Science Festival is also:

IA by Mia Exhibition, October 7-15th, In the Noaille Media Library: a digital exhibition on artificial intelligence, in partnership with Maison de l’Intelligence Artificielle. free entry.

Workshop to learn how to create a star projectorAnd the October 8, in the Noailles Media Library. Information and registration at

escape room, At La Verrerie media library, October 12. The librarians invite you to come and help the little prince find his planet back home. Free, subject to membership. Information on

Painting workshop for children October 15: Come and create unusual landscapes of dancing painting in a frame, in the Romain Gary Media Library, place Taras Chevtchenko. Free, reservation required at

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