A celebration of science for the climate

A celebration of science for the climate

The science unfolds from October 7-17. For about ten days, many free activities are planned all the time Center Val de Loire To highlight the scientific world. The theme of this edition? Climate change.

by Mael Petit

Meetings are planned between the public and actors in the scientific community in the region. @ Science Center

Ten days to a climate awakening! While the summer of 2022 was the scene of repeated periods of drought, the theme chosen by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research for this 31st session could not respond better to current events. This is it Science Center – Regional Center for the Promotion of Scientific Culture – with the support of the Ministry, Europe and its partners, responsible for coordinating all events planned in the Center Val-de-Loire region.
The program of activities in the six sections aims to be rich, innovative and diverse
Always in mind the desire to popularize the scientific worldthe director of the Science Center, Olivier Morand, insists. Thanks to the voluntary mobilization of all actors in the scientific world in the region – associations, laboratories, communities and partners – we wish to stimulate a dynamic debate with the public on the topic of climate change. “.

Science villages are held on weekends

If actors do not have to lead workshops on the topic of climate, discovering science through awareness of climate change remains this year’s goal. On the Front Lines: Younger Generations. ” It is up to them to take ownership of the discussions and proposed content in order to build a background that allows them to reflect on the topic. » Regards, Oliver Morand. To do this, several science villages will be established across the region on the weekends of October 8/9 and 15/16 (see box).
Exhibitions in which the general public walks from the podium to attend scientific experiments, conferences, exhibitions, or laboratory visits. These meetings with actors in the region can lead to moments of constructive and educational exchanges on environmental issues.

Science villages will be established in several cities in the region @ Center-Sciences

Honoring two women from the University of Orleans

The village was founded on the campus of the University of Orleans It is also one of the first big events not to be missed during this science festival.
And for good reason! The Foundation was honored this year by appointing one of its scholars as a regional ambassador for this 31st session. Dr. Marivon Ardorell, PhD in microbiology, is already showing her enthusiasm for the idea of ​​sharing her work and her world with the general public: “ It is certainly a source of personal pride, but I accepted this nomination to recognize the work of all the actors in the territory, Emphasizes. We have worked together for many years to bring the Science Festival to life. She will also be on board from Saturday 8 October to meet visitors at University of Orleans Because ” It is a pleasure to see the eyes of young people light up as they approach science. We see kids pushing the doors of the establishment while the rest of the year, they think it’s an inaccessible place for them “.
Marivonne Ardorell isn’t the only scientist in the spotlight this year since the work of Elodie Le Souchu, a PhD student from University of Orleanswas also selected. His treatise on the effects of dying acorns on canopy insect communities is reproduced in the 2022 edition”bubble flagA well-known scientific comic strip. A book directed to all audiences and distributed free of charge by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.
Certainly, the Centre-Val de Loire continues to shine thanks to the talent of its representatives in the scientific community.

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Highlights of the area

  • In Orleans, Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 October at the University of Orleans

  • At Châteauroux, Saturday 8 October at the IUT de l’Indre

  • In Verzon, Saturday 8 October at Parc de la Noue

  • In Chartres, Friday 14 October for schoolchildren, Saturday 15 October and Sunday 16 October at the Eur-et-Loire Campus

  • In Blois, on Saturday 15 October at the INSA Center-Val de Loire

  • In Bourges, Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 October at the Museum of Natural History in Bourges

  • On Tours, Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 October at the Hôtel de Ville de Tours

  • Complete programs in each section to download over here


Video presentation of the Science Festival 2022

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