Public space: necessary coexistence

Public space: necessary coexistence

The urban transport plan of Clermont-Auvergne-Metropole was adopted in 2019 to increase the typical share of cycling from 2 to 5%, or even a little more, by 2030. This development, which requires better participation in the use of public spaces, will be the subject of a broad awareness campaign.

Heavy vehicles, cars, trams, buses, motorcycles, bicycles, scooters, alternative vehicles, pedestrians… The public space is used by many users whose different travel modes require fair participation, which is an indispensable condition to avoid changing the city into the real jungle. If for many years the city has developed in a way that encourages car travel, it is time to change the paradigm to take into account the climate emergency and also the increasingly strong will of city dwellers to create a more peaceful atmosphere. In this development, the bicycle will occupy more space, as it remains the most efficient form of urban transportation with a favorable carbon footprint.

31 million euros to improve cycling

As part of the first cycling master plan, significant resources will be deployed in the Clermont metropolitan area. Elected officials confirm a €31 million plan committed to improving cycling practice by 2028, with a cruising speed of €3-5 million invested each year in the territory. Remember that the Clermont Auvergne Métropole urban transportation plan adopted in assembly in 2019, calls for the typical bike share to increase from 2 to 5%, or even slightly more, by 2030. Bike development but also the evolution of different modes of transportation requires a rebalancing The place given to all means of transportation. “Sharing public spaces is essential to the satisfaction of our cities,” explains Olivier Bianchi, City President, adding that “they must be balanced between motorists, cyclists and pedestrians in order to promote living together. The main projects we are implementing are in terms of mobility (InspiRe, Cycling Scheme). , etc.) is part of the users balancing strategy.” In this month of October, a big campaign will be launched to invite all users to travel together in a quieter way. Various means of communication will raise awareness of the change in travel modes. The idea is to avoid any stigmatization by adopting a playful tone, because adaptation is also a limitation that must be taken into account.

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All: pedestrians, cyclists and motorists

The campaign will start on October 8 and will be multifaceted. Consists of urban display, ground marking, distribution street codebroadcast video testimonials from users who have changed their travel styles and many street theatrical performances my chicken roll By Cie La Sauvage during the fall sale. It will be the culmination of this wide campaign inspired in Clermont, A car-free day organized on Saturday 29 October at the Hyper Center, to do your shopping differently and discover a city that is quieter than usual and still with free public transportation on the weekends.

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