Starfield players found the mission to be the “best designed” in the game

Starfield players found the mission to be the “best designed” in the game

Estelle Vernet

One Starfield player felt strongly that the main quest in particular might be the mission.” Best design ” Game.

Upon its launch, Starfield generated a lot of enthusiasm, with Bethesda doing its best to ensure its new space exploration game reached the widest possible audience.

Once the game was available on Steam, players flocked to the open-world experience, hoping that the game would be a Skyrim in space.

One of the parts of Skyrim that players loved were the unique quests, and they hoped that Starfield would have some more memorable quests.

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While some players were disappointed by some of the “stupid” missions, others found that the game offered some great missions. This is the state of striving tangle.

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Starfield players loved the Tangle mission design

One Starfield player liked the mission very much tangle And he did not hesitate to praise him on social media. the user u/SunaPana007 He posted his enthusiasm on Reddit. ” Entanglement is Starfield's best-designed mission “, He said.

The players couldn't agree more. ” loved it Another agreed, feeling that the mission was a high point in Starfield's history. ” This is the only time I was surprised and unsure during a Starfield mission. The first time I went over the timelines, I had no idea what was going on or what was going to happen, which was very refreshing “.

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For other players, the unpredictability and surprise of the mission was truly shocking.

Designing and executing this crazy endeavor said one fan. ” I loved it too, it was great! “, commented another.

But, as with most aspects of video games, there are feelings to the quest tangle It was not unanimous. Some felt that the mission tried to reference or resemble Valve's Half-Life too much.

I hate this endeavor so much. It's like a poor man's version of Portal or Half-life. Lacks intuition about portals and their location “, one player complained. And he probably wasn't the only one who didn't like it tangle. “ This was my least favorite part of the game “, said one person.

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However, despite the controversy and negative reviews, Starfield is a great game in terms of space exploration.

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