Stage maker Megaforce from Weingarten invites audition events and permanent concert venues

Stage maker Megaforce from Weingarten invites audition events and permanent concert venues

Hope in 2022

For the cultural industry, there is still no light that can be seen at the end of the tunnel. In the Corona pandemic, as well as artists, it is companies in second grade – including Weingarten’s Megaforce theater builders – who are struggling.

Camp Kamel: Not much is happening nationally and internationally at the moment. Megaforce President Michael Brumbacher remains on stage equipment in times of Corona.

Photo: Klaus Muller

The pants will also be temporarily “dead” in 2021. “Tut Hussain” concerts for 2020 and 2021 have been canceled. Campino & Co.’s announcement has as lasting effects as Weingarten.

The troupe is one of the regular clients of Megaforce, a well-known nationally and internationally renowned theater building company with headquarters in the regional county – in Weingarten. “The year 2020 has been a disaster for us, as it has been for the organizers of all kinds of events,” said Michael Brumpacher, president of Megaforce, in an interview with BNN.

“More than 100 major events in which we were supposed to build the respective phase have been canceled.” As per the current situation, things are not looking better this year.

The Das Festival in Karlsruhe has also been canceled

There are no dead pants, no festivals and major events such as the “Das Festival” in Karlsruhe, no tours, no concerts, and everything that provides a lot of entertainment and fan worship in normal times, falls victim to the Corona pandemic.

According to Brombacher, what remains for his company currently are some events, including in Scandinavia.

“The outlook is not good. There can be no issue of security planning for our industry.” This affects the general mood. “Many of them have become thin. Many are simply tired.”

The president of Megaforce is calling open ears to the juvenile industry

Guilt gives “politics that have become embarrassing.” “Why have we never been taken on the plane? Why have we never been asked to help?” The Prombacher approach is not new.

Similar considerations, even if not yet heard, have always been and still are: “We have crowd-moving and organizing experts in event-making. We can do it. We’ve been doing it successfully for years. We’ve been through a lot of things that were slow in the beginning.”

Another topic that, on first impression, appears to be running in Germany, is causing an inconvenience in the industry: “Test events”. Brombacher explains.

Many countries devised the funnel long ago – for example the USA, Great Britain or New Zealand. “Very little is happening here with us.” Its focus is on “permanent sites of events”.

Hockenheimring as a permanent location for the event?

Hockenheimring would be suitable for this, the racetrack in Iffezheim or, for example, sports grounds. Basic Idea: You can build stages there for a longer period in order to enable different forms of events, from club parties to concerts and much more.

With a high degree of flexibility in compliance with hygiene requirements. “It’s my turn on the topic.”

Ultimately, 2021 will be a difficult year as well – if it is due to the large number of (big) events that have already been canceled. After all: in 2022, so Brombacher, it could all get better. Once you control Corona, it expects a torrent of events and events.

Corresponding inquiries are already in abundance. Megaforce can count on its well-known regular customers. Despite all the criticism, not the least of which is politicians, his balance sheet is not entirely bleak: state aid has succeeded despite very complex guidelines. Also with short time work.

In addition, he has used event-free time, to say it somewhat heretical, to restructure a number of things in his company. By the year 2022 at the latest, “Totten Hussein” must be back in business …

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