Spartacus rumor: Sony will formalize the PlayStation Plus and PS Now merger next week

Spartacus rumor: Sony will formalize the PlayStation Plus and PS Now merger next week

while the the computer/Xbox Game Pass Cardboard on the side of the house MicrosoftAnd the Sony still present PlayStation Plusallowing you to play online and get a few, not always attractive, games every month. service to complete Playstation nowto stream a large catalog via a monthly subscription.

merging the two services, Sony will have the equivalent of game arcadeAnd this is what he intends to do with it Spartacus, which he was talking about a few months ago. The only and exclusive difference Play Station It will not be included at launch. Subscription formats BasicAnd the additional And the excellent Recently LeakedAnd the Japanese manufacturer appears to be moving forward.

According to the information received from BloombergAnd the Sony Interactive Entertainment Will formalize the new subscription service next week. attack to counter game arcade From Microsoft With a large catalog of fairly recent games, including access to online multiplayer of course, which can therefore be mixed PS + And the PS nowAnd the without exclusivity First day. And only these small details will not allow us to compare Spartacus to game arcadeWhich has been a huge success thanks to the presence of games AAA Such as Forza Horizon 5 where infinite aura once they leave.

Of course, all this still needs a little salt. Sony He did not respond to this information, but if this is true, the manufacturer should actively prepare for its announcement, which could happen in the next few days. In the meantime, you can always find files cards NHP On Amazon.

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