In the heart of the sun, scientists discover waves that defy the laws of physics

In the heart of the sun, scientists discover waves that defy the laws of physics

Searching for one thing, finding something completely different, and perhaps revolutionizing what we thought we knew about the sun and stars in general. This is it definition of chanceAnd that’s exactly what happened to a team of researchers from New York University in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates: they discovered, in the core of the Sun, waves whose behavior – for the time being – defies the known laws of physics.

The “The undefined nature of these waves promises advances in physics and an unprecedented understanding of the dynamics of the Sun.”Guaranteed no redness The study was published in the journal Nature Astronomyand any Motherboard Report Highlights.

trying to solve it Its name is the ancient solar puzzle pregnancy puzzle (“The Convection Mystery”), Chris Hanson and his team studied twenty-four years of data and images provided by Global Oscillation Network Group (GONG), based on Earth.

“One of the greatest mysteries of the Sun is the convection puzzle, Hanson explains to Motherboard. The theory suggests, but the observations don’t find it, The presence of giant convection cellsAlso called “giant cells”. So, by looking at the data for the signature of these giant cells we detected HFR waves.”

He turns!

What? HFR . waves high frequency back: In this block of data, the team discovered vortices that no one had ever observed before. These are close in principle to a well-known phenomenon called “Rosby-Horowitz waves”. But its rotational speed, three times faster than current models of the Sun’s physics predict, opens up a whole new field of possibilities.

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“What is new about this discovery is that these particular waves are moving much faster than would be expected by hydrodynamics alone, indicating that we still have important things to understand about the internal dynamics of the Sun.”

A better understanding of the formation and behavior of these HFR waves, Heavy Copies of Rossby-Horowitz Waves As described by Motherboard, it will fill in a number of scientific gaps in our understanding of the inner workings, structure, physics and rotation of the Sun, the team responsible for this discovery explains.

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