LoL: Riot’s biggest failure turning 6: A look back at the most frustrating hero of all time

LoL: Riot’s biggest failure turning 6: A look back at the most frustrating hero of all time

It might feel like it’s not too far away, but it’s been six years now That Orillion Sol landed on League of Legends. The dragon promised by Riot Games and expected for years has taken over from the famous and canceled Ao Shin to become Star Forger. A personality capable of submitting to his will even what transcends human knowledge. The most powerful being according to Lore and still considered one of Riot Games’ biggest failures when it comes to character creation.

The hero that society has been waiting for for years

Taking a quick look at this dragon’s stats, the truth is that he’s never been a bad champ when it comes to performance. However, he has a flat electrical scheme in terms of player interest. In every list we’ve put together to review the lesser known heroes, he grabbed the lead and celebrated his birthday as lonely as ever. Based on all ratings, Only selected in 0.5% of games. Scarner, selected to receive rework, is the only least popular one and the difference is 0.04%.

Before he was a young TFT legend, Ao Shin was the most famous abolished hero

Les chiffres seraient dérisoires pour n’importe quel champion, mais encore plus pour un champion sorti à une époque où League of Legends était régi par des règles de conception plus modernes et où il n’y avait pas la personnage de sortirs Two weeks. It’s also unacceptable for what was the most anticipated hero in gaming history. Ao Shin might not say anything to players who recently joined the title from Riot Games, but he was a true legend for those of us who started playing in the second or third season, and spent years hearing about him.

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Why didn’t Orillion work?

Riot Games often points out that savage heroes generate less interest in society than those with humanoid forms. However, the failure of Aurelion Sol cannot be explained from this design point of view. We all want to embody an intergalactic dragon capable of summoning stars. However, Several gameplay issues seem to be responsible for the main character flaws Which was simply too powerful for its own good and whose mechanics felt a bit cumbersome for many players.

When he was released, Orelion Soul was too powerful for his own good.  - League of Legends
When he was released, Orelion Soul was too powerful for his own good.

When Orelion Soul came out, he was able to do a lot. Even without having defensive gear (which was his biggest drawback)، And generates numerical superiority, which obliges him to stay under his sign permanently. Players quickly understood the potential of the hero and this led to the emergence of a large number of alternative strategies. It was very attractive to players who played as a team (and thus organized) and those who put in enough hours to learn all the possibilities.

However, it was this very situation that pushed the first nail in his coffin. Soon, the mighty power of Aurelion Sol resulted in a barrage of nerfs that made him laugh until Riot Games gave him the final blow by making his W (Heavenly Expansion) permanently inactive.. It’s all because of the excessive mobility that focused all his power and led to a lack of power on similar heroes like Taliyah or Twisted Fate.

This move explains very well what the hero’s problem was

This situation led to a unique playing style that players did not like.. The character was unable to move, but was forced to keep a distance to inflict damage which was extremely difficult to control and much less than other mages. Something that pushed her into oblivion — although Riot Games stopped denying it a long time ago. Even in the competitive ring, where he spent his good times, he fell into oblivion: he did not appear once in the last season and a half.

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With his sixth birthday rapidly approaching, rumors began arriving of a possible rework to alter some of his abilities and make him the hero he should have been. However, this seems like one of the toughest projects League of Legends will face if you decide to take it on. Overcoming a failure of this magnitude is no easy task, but we’d love nothing more than to do justice to what should have been one of the game’s most exciting heroes.

Before their level 6, some League of Legends champions are not very strong. So, who are the people for whom change is the most drastic once this milestone is passed?

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