Space: Did China just discover extraterrestrial signals?

Rumors that China has picked up signals from an extraterrestrial civilization are making their rounds on the internet. But if the huge Chinese radio telescope receives signals, their origin remains uncertain …

It seems that the search for extraterrestrials is increasing again. Earlier this week, NASA launched a new study program for flying objects. The Earth regularly receives signals of all kinds, but cThese mostly come from galaxies or star clusters. This time, the Chinese FAST radio telescope was captured Several signals from distant exoplanets

Fast – Credit: NAO / FAST

huge structure, It has a diameter of 500 meters, in the southeast of the country. This, like any technology of this kind, is very sensitive. Zhang Tonjie, chief scientist of the Extraterrestrial Civilization Research Team, attempted to explain this data. According to the director, The team discovered two sets of interesting signals In 2020 by sifting through the data collected in 2019. It was possible to spot another signal this year in the data collected on exoplanet targets.

However, Zhang also reportedly pointed out the possibility that the signals are radio interference products. To clear up the FAST rumors, Inside Outer Space contacted Dan Werthimer, holder of the SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) group.

Space: Radio pollution is a problem

Scientists have raised the possibility of FAST signals being produced by advanced aliens. In fact, Werthimer was adamant : “These signals come from radio interference; They are due to radio pollution from Earthlings, not ETs. The technical term we use is “RFI” – Radio Frequency Interference. “

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This interference can come from a large number of sources such as cell phones, television transmitters, radars or satellites. Simple electronic devices near the observatory can spoil the signals He was received by a radio telescope. The director explains:All the signals that SETI researchers have detected so far are emanating from our civilization, and No other civilization“.

This phenomenon also seems to pose a problem, Dan Werttimer moment on the fact that Wireless pollution is getting worse, where more and more transmitters and satellites are being built. According to him, the only solution is to install a radio telescope on the far side of our neighbor. The director concludes:Radio telescope located on the far side of the moon It will be protected from all electro-radiative pollution of our planetChina is also in the process of designing a “satellite” to test its instruments.

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