"One of my dreams is to do crash tests in the metaverse," says Luc Giulia, Renault's scientific director.

“One of my dreams is to do crash tests in the metaverse,” says Luc Giulia, Renault’s scientific director.

The new factory -. I joined Renault in 2021 as Scientific Director. It is an atypical job for car manufacturers … what does it consist of?

Luc Giulia, Scientific Director of the Renault Group -. This consists of exciting minds. We look at improvements we can make in every area. This goes from design to manufacturing through the use of the vehicle. Therefore, you must have a scientific perspective. For example, what new can we introduce into robotics? We collect a lot of data thanks to bots and some manufacturers tell us they only use 2.7%. If it’s the same with us, shouldn’t we change that?

How do you work with Gilles Le Burgin, Group Engineering Director of Renault?

He is interested in the production of cars, pure and serious engineering. There is a schedule that must be respected in the construction of the car. Today, the car requires three to five years of development. We’re looking to see if we can disable these development cycles to try to be faster. It is an important contribution. Technologies are advancing very quickly. Customers always want the latest.

The car is now offered as a smartphone on wheels. How do you work in this direction?


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