Has China just discovered signs of extraterrestrial life?

Has China just discovered signs of extraterrestrial life?

The puzzle is still the same. Has China discovered the existence of extraterrestrial life? At least that’s what I suggested at first science and technology daily, Chinese Official Bulletin. According to a report published on Tuesday, June 14, Giant Sky Eye Telescope They have already discovered signs of extraterrestrial civilizations.

according to USA TODAYAnd the “Several Cases of Possible Technological Impacts and Extraterrestrial Extraterrestrial Civilizations”, Captured by researchers at Peking University, we can read in this official report from the Ministry of Science and Technology. Report is no longer available onlinenoted the American media Bloomberg.

This ultra-sensitive spherical radio telescope is located in southwest China, has a diameter of 500 meters and was commissioned in 2016, and it can capture Electromagnetic signals are narrow band. A technical achievement that makes it able to study the possibility of intelligence outside our planet. It has also been one of Sky Eye’s official missions since 2020, according to Zhang Tongjiis the chief scientist of an extraterrestrial civilization research team co-founded by Peking University.

Just wireless interference?

The Chinese authorities have not yet commented on this mysterious information, nor on his strange disappearance. The fact remains that according to other experts, these famous suspicious signals could actually be some kind of radio interference, It requires further study. “It’s interesting, but don’t get too carried away.”Journalist Andrew Jones, who specializes in China’s space program, tweeted.

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