Sony Pictures announces new Uncharted movie franchise

Sony Pictures announces new Uncharted movie franchise

Sony Pictures Motion Picture Group seems to be very pleased with the theatrical release of Uncharted.

So much so that its chairman and CEO, Tom Rothman, has already declared it a “successful new film franchise”.

big success

In an internal memo, Rothman spoke of a “huge success” for the company (via Limit), as the film “was the first major production that was completely halted due to the advent of Covid. But we persevered to complete a movie that the audience loved.”

If you are alone video game adaptations It is consideredUncharted was the fourth-largest opening weekend in the US after Sonic the Hedgehog, Detective Pikachu, and Tomb Raider (2001) with sales of $44 million.

Accordingly, about $30 million was expected to open this weekend. Uncharted has already made $139 million worldwide. The budget was $120 million and the film had not yet opened in all regions.

Filmed as a prequel to the games, the film features a young Nathan Drake who meets and befriends Sully. The film adaptation had been planned for many years, and after many delays and a change of directors, it finally happened.

Tom “Spider-Man” Holland plays young Nathan Drake, while Mark Wahlberg plays Sully.

Furthermore, Uncharted has two post-credit scenes that hint at one or more of the sequel.

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