Kiwi Jr.: See me on TV!

Kiwi Jr.: See me on TV!

Kiwi Jr. Like they’re from New Zealand, but they’re from Canada. About Chopper, their third album, they wrote: “Ten songs with Shiny Synth, Zen Gong with Yard Streamer.”

Kiwi Jr.: The extra sees the movie. No, life is not a dream. But it could be a movie where you’re just an extra person (“extra”) sort of standing in the scene while others embody the adventure. However, it’s nice to at least show up on screen! That’s the attitude to life conveyed by this subtle nasal song, which seems like a bit of a variation on Kinks’ “celluloid heroes” theme: Everyone is a dreamer, everyone is a star, It’s all not right, don’t care. But there’s Ryan Gosling standing in a jacket with a scorpion on it, as in Drive, talking. . . Not all references are understandable, the second house seems to depict the not-so-glamorous touring life of a middle-class band, but the atmosphere is dense and the song is lacking in many songs today: dramatic structure and song. One unfortunate but compelling tune.

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(“Die Presse,” print edition, July 24, 2022)

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