Some Satisfaction - Liberation

Some Satisfaction – Liberation

COVID-19 pandemic in Francea file

Critics of the president’s action have criticized unreasonable comparisons.

The government will present its bill on Monday evening that includes a whole series of restrictive measures unprecedented in history: compulsory vaccination of caregivers, extension of health permits to restaurants, cafes and shopping malls, de facto discrimination against unvaccinated people in transportation and public places, compulsory isolation for ten days for people with covid and others. The moral debate will have to wait for the answers to the legal debate: the executive branch transmitted its text to the Council of State last week, but the Constitutional Council will also have its say. Lobbyists from the affected business sectors are already on the lookout, and this is normal. What’s less is the kind of complacency toward Covid skeptics and science opponents who took to the streets this weekend, relaying every conspiracy theory imaginable. Discussing the implementation of the measures announced by Emmanuel Macron without the consultations that might be familiar is another thing to confuse with the possible return of the King of France, comparisons of the Pfizer vaccine with Zyklon B from Auschwitz and calls for an invasion of Parliament to avoid a mechanized invasion of the world. In 1978, a court in Fréjus (Var) ruled that the obligation to wear a seat belt is illegal, since then “The decree violates individual freedom as defined by the preamble to the Constitution,” While the demonstrators chanted that millions of French people are about to die, burned, prisoners of their belts. This populist wave vanished in the face of the marked reduction in road fatalities, and soon the legal hurdles were overcome as well. The same applies to Covid-19: On Saturday, when nearly 114,000 people protested the new restrictions, Doctolib registered 210,000 reservations for vaccination. For the majority of French, a small flick is better than a big slap.

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