Une cinquantaine de personnes faisaient déjà la queue avant l'ouverture du centre de vaccination sans rendez vous de l'espace de l'Océan.

A person at the opening of the vaccination center in the Espace de l’Océan on the beach

Prime Minister Jean Castix had visited him at a preview this Saturday, but it was SundayOfficial opening of the vaccination center located in the Espace de l’Océan in Anglet. The second center of the city, which is aimed mainly at tourists who outnumber to pass on the promenade de la chambre d’amore. And this Sunday at midday for the premiere, There were already about fifty people To stand in the queue before opening.

Vaccines were tied up all afternoon in ocean space. © Radio France
Anthony Michael

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The peculiarity of this center is that without designation, and it is Open every Sunday from 12 pm to 8 pm.. If it’s open to everyone, that’s fine Mainly targeted tourists. So the ocean space is part of the “going towards” policy put in place by the health authorities in order to bring the places of vaccination as close as possible to the people. An additional device, because there is already a vaccination center in the Saint-Jean room, but it is necessary according to the Anglo-elected officials in charge of the center. “In Saint-Jean’s room, we vaccinate nearly 600 people a day, seven days a week and 12 hours a day, it’s a big capacity, but it’s full.. ‘ explains Christiane Bosavi, the city council member responsible for the center.We thought it was a good idea to communicate with the people and get as close as possible to the tourists, especially trying to promote this vaccination necessary for a return to normal life.”

Perimeter space is designed to be able to organize vaccination
Perimeter space is designed to be able to organize vaccination © Radio France
Anthony Michael

And among the people who are coming in for the vaccination this Sunday, there are all features. Some admit, for example, that it took a long time to convince themselves to be vaccinated. “I had one Concern about this vaccine, ”admits Frederick, a resident of Anglois. This vaccine came out a bit quickly, so even if the RNA technology has apparently been tested for ten years, but yes I was a little afraid of the vaccine, and there, less, There are many people who have already been vaccinated and the side effects seem to be very limited, better late than neverCeline, originally from Reims, is also vacationing on the Basque Coast. Coming in a little reluctantly, she is not at all convinced of the vaccine. “I’m not very confident about these vaccines, and I was worried about the side effects at the time I really don’t like the idea of ​​forcing myself to do something_, but finally, my dad often scolded me by telling him to get vaccinated, and that if I had COVID, I would have a less serious version, and that I started. ”

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Among those vaccinated that day was another Maritxo Anglo, who had had months of wishing to get vaccinated, but was only able to come today. “_I have a big health problem. Vaccination was forbidden to me__. I can start receiving the vaccination from tomorrow, except that I am unable to make an appointment, even through my traditional medical network. So I had no other choice but to come and stand in front of the vaccination center in Angel.R‘, she laughs.

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